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Application Grade of Quartz Crystal

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Like Integrated Circuit (IC), Quartz Crystals are divided into commercial and industrial grades. We usually distinguish them from the application range, crystal parameters, and operating temperature range.
First of all, ordinary commercial-grade crystals are the most common products on the market. They are mainly used in consumer products, such as ordinary MP3, U disk, DVD, Radio remote control toys and other electronic products. This kind of crystal is the most commonly used, the most practical and the cheapest. Such ordinary consumer electronic products do not generate heat during use, and the vibration environment is relatively stable, so there is no need to use industrial-grade crystals. Commerical-grade crystals can fully meet product requirements. The operating temperature range of commercial-grade crystals is- Between 20 ~ + 70 ℃, the accuracy of the crystal can be maintained within 30ppm in this temperature range, and the stability of the output signal can be guaranteed.

Industrial crystals are more commonly used in electronic products that require precision, such as automation equipment, industrial control boards, and automotive electronic equipment;
Because this type of electronic equipment often has a complex working environment and unstable external environment, it requires the use of industrial-grade crystal oscillators.The operating temperature range of industrial grade crystal oscillator is wide temperature -40 ~ + 85 ℃. The chip cutting type of BT has higher accuracy. The accuracy must be guaranteed within 10ppm, or even 2ppm. The smaller the PPM, the more stable the output signal is. At the same time, the temperature frequency drift of the industrial grade crystal oscillator is smaller, So the output frequency of the crystal oscillator is different under the working environment of -40 ° C and + 85 ° C. The smaller the temperature frequency tolerance, the better the product performance.
In general, the industrial grade crystal is better than the commercial grade in these points. It has higher precision, stronger anti-oscillation function and stability, wide temperature range and high temperature resistance, but it is also more expensive.