Corporation STP Strategy
Select correct target market
As a professional crystal production agent distributor, YXC Technology has unique insights and extremely familiar understanding of its technology in recent years, which has been playing a significant role in rapid distribution as well as reaction to the market. The target market YXC has been seeking for is the medium and big-head terminal operators, who has taken quite a big share within the industry. This enables YangXing to demonstrate incomparable advantages over other suppliers. Besides, YXC digs the market for other small but potential terminals and trade distributors as the secondary market. Value-added services through the whole business part is widely appreciated by customers.
Market positioning implementation
YXC Technology has been specialized in manufacturing and supplying crystals since 1986. Widely acclaimed by customers with its own competitive advantages, YangXing is concentrated in “one-stop” fast delivery and short lead time to continuously satisfy diverse demands of the market. We firmly believe that quality and quick response to the market is crucial for YXC to win the market with moderate price.

Strategy For High Quality Positioning
Yangxing has always been adhering to high-quality positioning strategy throughout the whole producing and distributing processes. We consistently use authentic original materials, bearing in mind that quality is the most important element to position our products. Sub-materials or other electronic materials abandoned by the market will never be introduced into any business spot of YXC, aimed to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. And this will surely increase the chances of customer re-buying behaviours.
Strategy To build up an honest image
Focused on crystal with over 30 years, YXC Technology always persist to provide customers with the highest quality goods and most efficient frequency solutions. For more than two decades YangXing maintains the image with its own distinct charm, enabling customers to quickly identify from the distribution market. From establishing company culture, staff business ability improvement to etiquette training, YXC has made great achievement, which contributes to more satisfaction and respect from clients all over the globe.
Strategy for outstanding competition ability
In contrast with other major oversea competitors such as HongKong, Macao and Taiwan, YangXing positions itself as customized services for China
Differential Marketing Strategy about YXC
YXC Technology has always insisted on its own target market positioning for their crystal products to stand on a suitable market place. We have received tons of favourable reputation by implementing the strategy of making our products stand out.
Differences in products itself
Our company has self-own brand and trade mark --YXC, customers could recognize us by recognizing features, quality, series and package of our goods.
Differences in service provided
From all aspects in the front-end supply chain, YXC Technology has shown its own core competitive advantages in the following services : small quantities, rapid logistics services, the supply ofalternative original devices, easier to find components, technical support, BOM optimization, supporting procurement. A win-win era has been open for both YXC and all purchasers around the world.