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Release time: 2020-02-26 Browse times: 1285 times
Recently, COVID-19 epidemic outbreak rapidly in China. More than 70,000 people have been infected in less than two months, and COVID-19 have appeared in many countries around the world. The epidemic caused extremely serious impacts on society. Traffic tools was stopped, shops were closed, collective activities were stopped, and all people could only isolate themselves at home.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, YXC has been delaying the resumption of work. At present, it has only resumed 60% of its work. The overall supply chain is affected, raw materials are scarce, and futures delivery is delayed to varying degrees. The existing goods are also affected by personnel, logistics and other aspects that cannot be delivered as scheduled. Demand for medical services has soared, and orders will be prioritized to respond to the outbreak.
Come on Wuhan! Come on China! Hope that the epidemic will be lifted as soon as possible.