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Fixed frequency: 32.768KHz
Dimensions: 3.2*1.5mm (3215)
Package: 3000 pieces/Reel (In Stock)
ROHS STATUS: Compliant
Applications: Small communication devices
Item Model
Main Application For OA / AV / Mobile Communication For Automotive
Nominal Frequency 32.768KHz
Operating Temperature Range −40 to +85°C −40 to +125°C
Storage Temperature Range −40 to +85°C −40 to +125°C
Level of Drive 0.1µW (Max. 0.5µW )
Frequency Tolerance (25 ±3 °C) ±20 × 10-6
Turning Point +25°C ± 5°C
Temperature Coefficient −0.04 × 10-6/°C2 Max.
Load Capacitance 6.0pF 9.0pF 12.5pF 6.0pF 9.0pF 12.5pF
Equivalent Series Resistance Max. 70kΩ Max. 80kΩ
Shunt Capacitance Typ. 1.0pF / Max.1.5pF
Insulation Resistance Min. 500MΩ
Specifications Number STD-MUA-14 STD-MUA-9 STD-MUA-8 STD-MUS-4 STD-MUS-3 STD-MUS-2

External dimensions

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